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Range of Specifications

 (*) indicates SANAS accreditation.

Applications for non-accredited specifications are also allowed. Upon the receipt of such an application CMACS will invoke SANAS accreditation for the specific specification.


*Concrete retaining blocks  SANS 508:2020
*Precast reinforced concrete culverts SANS 986:2019
*Precast concrete kerbs, edgings and channels SANS 927:2022  
Polymer concrete surface boxes, manhole and inspection covers, gully gratings and frames SANS 1882:2003
*Precast concrete manhole sections and components SANS 1294:2020
*Concrete masonry units SANS 1215:2008
*Concrete paving blocks SANS 1058:2021
*Concrete non-pressure pipes SANS 677:2020
Reinforced concrete pressure pipes SANS 676:2020
Pre-stressed concrete pipes SANS 975:2010
Concrete poles for telephone, power and lighting purposes                                                              SANS 470:2020
Precast wall, fences SANS 1372:2020
Pre-stressed concrete lintels SANS 1504:2015 ED2
*Concrete roofing tiles SANS 542:2020
Precast concrete suspended slabs SANS 1879:2013
Precast concrete paving slabs SANS 541:2012


CMA NPC & CMACS Partnerships

South African National Accreditation System
Concrete Manufacturers Association