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CMA Certification understands the importance of impartiality and potential conflicts of interests in carrying out its certification activities.

CMA Certification provides certification services in an open, independent and impartial manner to existing and potential clients. All clients and applicants are treated equally and are expected to achieve the same level of performance and conformance to the relevant standards and processes.


CMA Certification ensures that decisions are based on objective evidence and conformity obtained through a competent audit process in which decisions are not influenced by other interests or by other parties.

The Management and personnel (internal and external) involved in certification activities are required to declare any conflict of interest or threats to CMA Certification’s undertaking of impartiality.

CMA Certification is controlled by a Board of Directors, which has appointed an Impartiality Committee responsible for ensuring that all certification activities are conducted in an impartial manner. The Committee includes representation from significant stakeholders but is structured in such a way that no single interest predominates. The Committee has the right to take independent action if CMA Certification’s senior management do not respect its advice. In addition CMA Certification conducts a risk assessment annually which is reviewed by the impartiality committee.

Conflict of Interest and objectivity is further covered through annual training sessions and contractually binding agreements, to ensure all certification activities are conducted in an independent and impartial manner.


CMA NPC & CMACS Partnerships

South African National Accreditation System
Concrete Manufacturers Association